Cancel Culture and The Right

Cancel Culture is a relatively recent phenomenon. People who express views which some find objectionable are ostracised on social media, in the real world, or both.

Opinion is divided about whether or not this is a good thing, but much like ‘Fake News’, Cancel Culture has now been appropriated by the political Right in America, and has been re-tooled to suit their rhetorical ends.

Headlines are full of figures like Matt Gaetz blaming Cancel Culture for people speaking out against the most egregious examples of GOP malfeasance. This is nothing more than a cheap trick calculated to tap into the anti-political correctness sentiment in the Fox News audience.

It’s not Cancel Culture to refuse to accept corruption.

It’s not Cancel Culture to refuse to tolerate calls for violence.

It’s not Cancel Culture to demand accountability in government.

Online platforms who have suspended or closed accounts for those promoting violence or sedition are not participating in Cancel Culture. They are refusing to be vectors for incitement of violence.

The irony of all of this is almost too much to bear.

Under Trump, the GOP has metastasized into a cult with strict expectations of purity.

Those daring to deviate from the line (such as Liz Cheney’s refusal to endorse lies about the 2020 election) are now subject to immediate enmity from the ranks of the faithful and even votes on expulsion. This is galactic level hypocrisy.

Republicans have latched onto the liberal trope de jour and are now using it simply to connote anything they don’t like.

We must push back against this.