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Maiden Voyage

So this is where I escape the bounds of Twitter and soar and swoop and impress everyone with words like 'equilibrium' and 'parsimonious'.

I decided to start a blog today as Twitter shadow-banned me (yes that's a thing- look it up).

I'm still entirely unclear about what egregious transgression I must have committed to be deserving of such harsh punishment. For a while I felt like Donald Trump when he was stripped of his precious mouthpiece.

The world did not I think, breath a sigh of relief when my service was suspended. This is not because of how much less of a psychopath I am than Mr Trump. It's because I have just under two thousand followers on Twitter and most of them would neither have noticed nor cared about my temporary removal from their echo chambers.

It occurred to me that it might be quite nice to have a place where I can ramble on about whatever nonsense is filling my head without fear of discombobulating some AI system designed to mute me if it thinks I may be a Russian porn bot.

And so here we are. Thank you for taking this first step with me. I hope you like what I have to offer, and if you don't, then I'd be happy to recommend some excellent sources of Russian porn bots for you.

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