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So what now?

C'mon....You didn't really think the GOP were going to be the knight in shining democratic armour, galloping in to save us from the beast of Trump did you?

'When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.'

And the second, the third, fourth and hundredth.

The Republicans have been nothing if not consistent in their willingness to completely ignore Trump's casual indifference to decency and the law.

Yes, there was a moment shortly after the attack, when in the glow of outrage, it seemed as if accountability might come to Trump from the members he had put in so much danger. But as those embers slowly dimmed, McConnell pretended there was no way of attending to the House impeachment vote until after the inauguration of the new President.

This allowed a cooling off period during which the GOP could reframe the impeachment as the same old partisan manoeuvre it was a year ago.

And that's all they needed.

So here we are.

Responses to the Democrats stepping down from calling witnesses have been less than helpful. It would not have changed the outcome of the vote at all. It would have delayed Congress being able to attend to Covid relief (how many home repossessions, or kids without a square meal are worth a day of witnesses being ignored by half the jury?)

And if we need to hear from witnesses, I strongly suspect we will in further congressional hearings, and possibly criminal proceedings to come.

The Republicans need people to give up on the fight. Their oxygen is people leaving the Democratic Party because the GOP have succeeded in making us feel there's no point, that we can't win and that they will always outgun us as they play dirty while the good guys stick to the rules.

We must not fall for this. The Biden presidency may be the last shot to save the USA's fragile democracy from crumbling away.

As Steve Schmidt said, "We are one election away from losing our democracy".

Now is the time to organise, mobilise, get involved. Get people who were not previously involved, to get involved.

To borrow a phrase, now is the time to fight like Hell.

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